Towards Equitable Electric Mobility

The Greenlining Institute and Forth launched the Towards Equitable Electric Mobility (TEEM) Community of Practice in 2020. TEEM is a peer-to-peer community of advocates that share policy goals, build capacity, and develop a mutual commitment towards advancing racial equity in electric mobility and climate change goals. The first cohort includes organizations from Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Download the TEEM Timeline that outlines the program's one-year trajectory, core activities, benefits, and desired outcomes.


The current transportation system presents challenges for racial equity, access, and climate change goals. It is the largest source of air pollution in the United States, with environmental and health implications disproportionately experienced in low-income communities of color. For many, limited access to affordable and efficient transportation stems from policies that have discriminated on the basis of race. Today, transportation is the second-highest household expense for most people, and a person’s commute time plays the most critical role in their chances of escaping poverty.

Innovative programs utilizing electric transportation can address many of these challenges. Ensuring that such programs are approved, funded, and implemented equitably and successfully requires partnerships between racial equity advocates and traditional environmental organizations. If electric mobility programs are designed to work for historically underserved communities, they will work better for all communities and will maximize their environmental and economic benefits.


TEEM aims to establish a community of advocates to share policy goals, build relationships and develop mutual commitments towards advancing equity, electric transportation, and climate change goals.

A Community of Practice Is: A group of people who share a collective overall view of an issue and yet bring their individual perspectives on any given problem to create a social learning system that goes beyond the sum of its parts. TEEM will provide hands-on support directly to member organizations in states across the U.S., while also building a community among these teams in which they can learn from and support one another across state lines. 

The ultimate goal of TEEM is to advance state and local level policies and programs that foster a more sustainable and just transportation system. With the networks built and lessons learned from across the country we will develop a national agenda for equitable electric mobility.

TEEM Landing Page - Forth Mobility

TEEM Activities and Goals:

  • Build and expand relationships within your state and across states through regular convenings and activities that are planned and facilitated by The Greenlining Institute, Forth, and Upright Consulting Services
  • Participate in co-learning opportunities with experts in mobility equity, electric vehicles, policy advocacy, and campaign development and implementation (among many other topics)
  • Connect with a network of leaders, including representatives from Bloomberg American Cities Climate Challenge, Urban Sustainability Directors Network, and EVGridX
  • Receive regular support and feedback on your organization’s policy advocacy efforts in the form of writing workshops, equity trainings, and other guided learning experiences
  • Advance equity in all facets of this project. To meet this commitment, we will fund equity or environmental justice organizations in each participating state to build their capacity to participate in this project

First Year Cohort



North Carolina



Email project managers Isa Gaillard and Alexa Diaz for more information.