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Transformative Communities

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Long-term Systems Change

Building an inclusive multi-racial democracy requires us to transform our current systems and build a just economy where everyone can participate and every community benefits, regardless of their race or where they live. 

The root causes of enormous economic and racial disparities such as the unfair concentration of wealth, disenfranchisement, and prosperity that relies on extracting natural resources, are deeply embedded into our economic system.

That’s why we work closely with frontline communities of color to be agents for long-term change.


Empowering Communities, Building Capacity

We know from our many years in the trenches that it takes more than one policy, one grant, or one project to undo generations of systemic racism. That’s why we support low-income communities of color to exert their power and build capacity with community-based organizations to create and establish their own innovative  and enduring solutions. 

This long-term systemic change will create an economy that meets the needs of the people who have suffered the most under our current system, particularly people of color. We know we will be successful when our economic system is transformed into one that is cooperative, sustainable, participatory, fair, and healthy for all.

Our current projects include:

Systems Change

Future-focused policies have the potential to be the building blocks of transformative changes in our economy, and will ultimately lead to a just economic system.

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Building Capacity,
Building Power

Communities know best what their neighborhoods need to thrive. To reverse decades of disinvestment and racist policies, we must double down on community ownership of the solutions.

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Transformative Climate Communities

California has pioneered a unique approach to fostering community-led solutions to climate change that meet the needs of frontline neighborhoods through a model called Transformative Climate Communities.

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Towards Equitable Electric Mobility (TEEM)

TEEM is a peer-to-peer community of advocates that share policy goals, build capacity, and develop a mutual commitment towards advancing racial equity in electric mobility and climate change goals.

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Greenlining the Block

Supports the leadership and expertise of communities of color to prepare for and maximize federal, state and local infrastructure investments to drive effective climate action that meets community needs.

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