The Greenlining Coalition

The Power of Partnerships

We work closely with communities of color to understand the racist barriers to economic opportunity they face, and to combat the injustices that persist by demanding accountability from the public and private sectors. We work in partnership with community-based organizations to build consensus on how to produce long-term change and success.


The Greenlining Coalition

The Greenlining Coalition is made up of diverse community organizations that have banded together around a shared mission of social justice. In the 1970’s, the coalition had a simple vision: instead of competing for crumbs in an extractive economy, they would work together to create a future of abundance through a just economy – a greenlined economy.

Greenlining was founded in 1993 and the coalition still plays a key role in our work, lending important grassroots voices to our advocacy efforts, and keeping us grounded in the real-world experiences of their members and communities.