What We Do

We're building a future where communities of color thrive

Founded in 1993, The Greenlining Institute works toward a future when communities of color can build wealth, live in healthy places filled with economic opportunity, and are ready to meet the challenges posed by climate change. Our multifaceted advocacy efforts address the root causes of racial, economic, and environmental inequities in order to meaningfully transform the material conditions of communities of color in California and across the nation.


Transformative Climate Communities

California has pioneered a unique approach to fighting redlining and climate change through a model called Transformative Climate CommunitiesTCC empowers communities devastated by historic systemic disinvestments and that are on the frontlines of climate change, giving them the power and resources they require to mitigate the impact of climate change and build more economically resilient communities. Communities know best what their neighborhoods need to thrive.

The next generation of racial justice leaders

What is the Leadership Academy?

The Greenlining Leadership Academy trains and empowers the next generation of multi-ethnic leaders to create positive social change. We offer three transformative programs designed for young leaders seeking to reach their full potential.

Moving Our Country Forward

A New Anti-Racist Future

We will not quit until we end racism in every corner of society and our communities are freed from the weight of white supremacy and nationalism. The epidemic of police brutality is a reminder to us all of how precious the freedoms won by our predecessors are and how frequently they are denied to Black and Brown people. We're dedicated to dismantling racially unjust policies, practices and structures. We stand in unequivocal solidarity with the Movement for Black Lives.

A Just Response to COVID-19

An Equitable Just Future Can Start Today

Now more than ever our movement must embrace equity, ensuring that those experiencing the most hurt receive the most care. Our nation's leaders must practice equity, turning commitment into actionable equity strategies in our immediate response to the crisis and recovery efforts. Read our set of policy equitable policy solutions.

Thank you for joining us! We'll see you again next year.

Momentum: A Virtual Summit on Racial Equity

Thank you to the 1500+ supporters who attended Greenlining’s 28th Annual Economic Summit. We were thrilled that Isabel Wilkerson, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the bestselling books Caste and The Warmth of Other Suns headlined Momentum: A Virtual Summit on Racial Equity.

Event and video highlights will be released soon.

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