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We're building a future where communities of color thrive

Founded in 1993, The Greenlining Institute is a policy, research, organizing, and leadership institute working for racial and economic justice. We work on a variety of major policy issues, from the economy to environmental policy, health care and many others, because economic opportunity has many parts, and they all connect.


A Just Response to COVID-19

An Equitable Just Future Can Start Today

The Greenlining Institute is fighting to address the immediate impacts of COVID-19 while confronting the U.S.’s longstanding history of policy-driven inequity. Now more than ever our movement must embrace equity, ensuring that those experiencing the most hurt receive the most care. Our nation's leaders must practice equity, turning commitment into actionable equity strategies in our immediate response to the crisis and recovery efforts. Without equity at the center of our decision-making, we risk replicating and reinforcing the same ills that made this pandemic a global calamity. To ensure that equity is prioritized, we've compiled a set of policy recommendations to urge leader to pursue policy solutions that embrace justice and racial equity principles.

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The Greenlining Institute's Virtual Economic Summit

We the Future 2020

May 21 | Thank you for your support.

As our nation faces a public health crisis beyond our comprehension and the subsequent economic fallout, the need to embrace and uplift racial equity could not be more important. Every year, The Greenlining Insitute’s Economic Summit brings together thought leaders at the forefront of the fight for justice and equity. Our 27th annual Economic Summit, We the Future, moved completely online, becoming our first-ever virtual Summit on race equity. While we missed meeting everyone in person, online attendance set a record of more than 1,600 participants from all over the U.S. for an exhilarating, energizing day of ideas and inspiration, punctuated by lively musical breaks provided by DJ Ome.

Leadership Academy

The Greenlining Leadership Academy trains and empowers the next generation of multi-ethnic leaders to create positive social change. We offer three transformative programs designed for young leaders seeking to reach their full potential.


Nia Mitchell '19

"I had the opportunity to better understand how to use policy and navigate the overall landscape of the climate field."

Announcement: The Greenlining Institute's Office Closure

With increasing concern over the outbreak of COVID-19, the Greenlining Team is taking precautions to keep our staff and workplace safe. We have chosen to close our Oakland headquarters and will be working remotely. Additionally, The Greenlining 360 Center has suspended community events until further notice. At this stage, we are continuing to monitor the outbreak's potential impact on our work and will make any adjustments needed in order to keep our community safe.