The Greenlining Institute envisions a nation where communities of color thrive and race is never a barrier to economic opportunity. We work on a variety of issues because we recognize that economic opportunity doesn’t operate in a vacuum. We don’t see these issues as being in separate silos, but as interconnected threads in a web of opportunity.

Our programs are supported by strong research that backs up our advocacy with solid data, and we work to make that data widely available. Visit our Resources page to find our latest research.


Health Equity

The Health Equity program works to improve the health of communities of color by advocating for greater resources and services that impact health beyond just access to health care services.

Gerardo Ramirez Hernandez, 6, does his math homework in the driveway of his home in Madera, California. The Hernandez family received solar panels from Grid Alternatives.

Economic Equity

Everyone should have access to the tools they need to earn, save, manage and grow their money. Banks and other financial institutions should invest in communities of color. And they should treat all customers fairly—regardless of factors like race, income or language.


Energy Equity

As California leads the way into a 21st century clean energy economy, all communities must benefit from the investments we make along the way.

Denny Sysaknoi, 21, works on the roof of a home in Madera, California during a Solarthon event with Grid Alternatives. Sysaknoi did a six-month internship with Grid Alternatives before getting a full-time job with Lifestyle Solar. Sysaknoi was raised by his grandmother in a tough neighborhood in Fremont and now has a child of his own.

Environmental Equity

Everyone deserves a clean and healthy environment. We are creating a world in which all communities have clean air and water, where one’s life expectancy is not determined by zip code, race or income. 

Connie Stewart, 54, runs tests on the circuit board she is assembling in the lab at US Hybrid, an advanced vehicle powertrain supplier in Torrance, California.

Technology Equity

No one can achieve the American Dream without access to communications services. Without quality telephone and broadband service, our communities cannot apply for jobs, access healthcare or government services, call 9-1-1, or stay in touch with loved ones.