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The Greenlining Institute Urges Regulators to Include Racial Equity in the Nation’s Landmark Community Reinvestment Act

August 5, 2022

This is a historic opportunity to strengthen anti-redlining regulations and ensure banks support efforts to close the racial wealth gap they helped create In a public [...]

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New Report: Decades of Injustice in Transportation Systems Exacerbates Climate Disasters in Communities of Color

August 3, 2022

Contact: Danielle Bell, Senior Program Manager for Media Relations, The Greenlining Institute, 818-983-2123 (cell) (Oakland, CA) — The U.S. transportation system hasn’t escaped racism’s long reach, [...]

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Governor Newsom Signs CA Budget Directing Billions to Critical State Programs that Will Benefit Communities of Color 

June 30, 2022 General

Greenlining urges legislators to ensure trailer bills include investments in vulnerable communities that have been sidelined while billionaires profited during the pandemic Contact: Molly Tafoya, Communications [...]

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California’s Massive $97.5 Billion Budget Surplus Offers a Path Forward to a Just Economy

May 13, 2022 General

The Greenlining Institute Urges Legislators to Invest Historic Budget Surplus in California’s Most Vulnerable Communities to Close the Racial Wealth Gap Contact: Danielle Bell, The Greenlining [...]

Opinion Columns

Let’s Get Earth Day Right

April 19, 2022 Environmental Equity

By Alvaro Sanchez The Progressive Every April, right around Earth Day, we see stories of multinational corporations pouring millions of dollars into new technology to fix climate change. [...]


The little-known open-source community behind the government’s new environmental justice tool

April 6, 2022 Environmental Equity

By Emily Pontecorvo Grist In February, the White House published a beta version of its new environmental justice screening tool, a pivotal step toward achieving the administration’s [...]

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The Greenlining Institute Applauds Governor Newsom’s Transportation Relief Proposals

March 23, 2022 Environmental Equity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  March 23, 2022  STATEMENT: The Greenlining Institute Applauds Governor Newsom’s Transportation Relief Proposals  Equity investments will benefit communities of color and low-income communities [...]

Opinion Columns

Op-Ed: How can the White House fix environmental injustice if it won’t take race into account?

March 19, 2022 Environmental Equity

By Alvaro Sanchez and Manuel Pastor Los Angeles Times In mid-February, when the White House unveiled the beta version of its Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool, [...]


The White House excluded race from its environmental justice tool. We put it back in.

February 25, 2022 Environmental Equity

By Naveena Sadasivam and Clayton Aldern Grist Last week, the White House released a beta version of a tool intended to govern the implementation of its [...]

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California Communities of Color Fall Further Behind in Mortgage Access

February 16, 2022 Economic Equity

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 16, 2022 Analysis of 2020 Data Shows Ongoing Disparities; Largely Unregulated Fintech Lenders Dominate Market in Many Regions  Contact: Molly Tafoya, The [...]

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