Revoking the established right to abortions is an act of violence. Throughout history, violence has been used as a means of controlling groups of people that pose a threat to white supremacy and patriarchy in this country. Today’s Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade is the latest iteration.

This decision showcases the cowardice of so-called leaders in this country who use their office to exert power over other people for political gain. We will not stand for a country whose leaders operate on fear to inflict violence on its own people.

This ruling will disproportionately harm low-income and rural women. Those with access to wealth and resources will still have abortions. Those in progressive states will still have access to abortions. This will not make abortions go away, it will just make them more dangerous.

One thing we know unequivocally is that more people–especially Black, Indigenous, people of color women–will die or suffer serious health consequences as a result of not having access to safe reproductive care. But make no mistake: this will impact all of us.

None of our rights as women, as people of color, as poor people are safe. This is an attack on economic and racial justice and our equality as human beings. We do not accept this. We will not stand by and watch as our autonomy is stripped away piece by piece.

We will come together in community to mourn, to heal, and then to fight like hell. We will make the future that we know is possible–that we haven’t seen yet–a reality. One where we are free to live, love, and access life-saving care everywhere.