Thanks to national health care reform under the Affordable Care Act, health coverage is now within reach for millions of people. The ACA also expanded eligibility for Medi-Cal, the state’s health insurance program for low-income individuals and families, to 138 percent of the federal poverty level. If you are interested in learning more about the types of coverage available to Californians, visit Covered California (open enrollment begins November 1, 2018 and ends December 15, 2018),  and Medi-Cal (if you are eligible for Medi-Cal, you can enroll anytime throughout the year).

Historically, communities of color have disproportionately lacked health coverage, resulting in debilitating gaps in health outcomes. The expansion of coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been a huge, challenging undertaking; however, due to sustained advocacy from Greenlining and other organizations, millions have gained health coverage. Through community town halls, the distribution of ACA fact sheets, producing a series of reports and publications, and participating in statewide allies and coalitions such as the Fight4OurHealth coalition and the Health4All coalition, Greenlining champions continued and expanded access to health insurance for California’s most in need.

In addition to continued and expanded access, quality coverage requires diversity in the health workforce. In order to ensure linguistically competent and culturally competent care that meets the needs of California’s growing communities of colors, Greenlining champions diversity in the health workforce.