While California leads the nation in solar power and other forms of clean energy, our low income and environmental justice communities continue to be left behind. Additionally, our communities continue to experience high energy costs and energy insecurity, as well as high rates of disconnection when households can’t afford their bills.

Greenlining works to ensure that our communities can have both -- cleaner and more affordable energy. We appear before the California Public Utilities Commission to advocate for programs that help bring more clean energy investments to our communities, and for protections that help keep bills affordable. Our recent work has focused on improving California’s community solar options and significantly expanding access to solar for multi-family affordable housing. We also work on more traditional low-income consumer protection issues, including energy safety net programs and disconnection reduction policies.

We recognize that for too long, energy policy has been dictated from above: Energy decisions that impact people’s daily lives have been made for them, not by and with them. This is particularly true for communities of color, who have often been excluded from decision-making on the basis of race. We make it a high priority to ensure that communities have a seat at the table and a real voice in the decisions that impact them.

In addition to advocating before the CPUC, we also work directly with utilities, community choice aggregators, and renewable energy companies to promote robust community engagement and investments that respond directly to local needs. In Los Angeles County, we are working with local community organizations, renewable energy developers, SoCal Edison, and the Clean Power Alliance to advance a community solar project in Willowbrook that will demonstrate the power of community decision-making in clean energy investments.

We also believe that bringing clean energy into our communities can also bring economic advancement to long-redlined neighborhoods. Greenlining works to ensure that our communities have access not just to jobs, but to good, high-wage jobs with career potential as well as to entrepreneurship opportunities in this important industry.