Mission Statement

The Greenlining Institute is dedicated to empowering communities of color and other disadvantaged groups through multi-ethnic leadership development. Continuing a relationship between alumni and The Greenlining Institute is imperative to the long-term vitality of The Greenlining Institute and its vision. The Greenlining Academy Alumni Association (GAAA) strives to enhance the Academy alumni network and support the development and success of Academy programs, including but not limited to the Fellowship, Summer Associate and Internship programs.

Alumni Board Members

  • Hibba Merray, Fellow 2017, GAAA Board Chair
  • Daniel Cano, Fellow 2017, Professional Development Committee Chair
  • Rodney Nickens, Summer Associate 2014, Professional Development Committee, Communications Committee
  • Maria Perez, Summer Associate 2019, Finance Committee Chair
  • Brandon McCall, Summer Associate 2011, Finance Committee
  • David Huang, Fellow 2016, Finance Committee
  • Amy Huỳnh, Casista 2015, Communications Committee
  • Jamina Ovbude, Leadership Academy Program Manager, Professional Development Committee, Greenlining Liaison

The Alumni Board was formed in May 2001, and since then the board has launched the following initiatives to support the work of Greenlining and the leadership development of GAAA members: Mentorship, Academy Recruitment, Fundraising, Alumni Networking, Professional Development Scholarship, and our Annual Alumni Meeting and Mixer.


Alumni are one of the strongest recruitment sources for Academy programs. All alumni are encouraged to promote the various leadership development programs: the Fellowship Program, the Summer Associate Program, the Internship Program, the Legal Academy, and Casa. All of the programs are geared towards young leaders of color and promote multi-ethnic collaboration. Alumni can promote the programs within their respective college(s) as well as their professional and personal networks. If you have a candidate referral, please contact the Leadership Academy Director Patrick Brown at academy@greenlining.org.


When alumni give financially to the Greenlining Academy Alumni Association, they demonstrate that those who know Greenlining best value its continued work. Such support is critical to Greenlining’s ability to fundraise from foundations and corporations. As part of its role in strengthening the Greenlining Academy, the GAAA regularly asks alumni to support the GAAA, the Academy and its programs. One of our goals is to increase the number of alums that actively participate in the growth of the Academy, regardless of the amount donated. If you are interested in finding out more about the GAAA’s fundraising activities, please contact the GAAA Fund Development Chair here.

To donate to the Leadership Academy, please click here, and remember that any amount you give makes a difference and is greatly appreciated!


The Greenlining Academy Alumni Association believes our greatest assets are our people. We strongly encourage alumni to build community, exchange resources, and share job opportunities online and in person. To do this, we manage a variety of online listservs, databases and groups:

  • GAAA Listserv: A Google Groups email listserv where alumni can share internship and job opportunities. To join the group please click here.
  • GAAA Facebook and LinkedIn Groups: These groups make it easier for you to add alumni to your professional and personal online social networks. These are more informal groups, where alumni engage in a variety of conversations, from sharing news articles to organizing in-person meetups. To join the Facebook Group, click here. To join the LinkedIn Group, click here.

If you have any questions about alumni programming, please contact the GAAA External Secretary here.


GAAA provides $200 professional development scholarships that enable alumni to attend trainings, conferences, other events, and other professional needs that further their professional development. Higher scholarships will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  Examples of eligible trainings focus on management, technical and/or leadership skills that contribute meaningfully to the applicant’s professional growth. We encourage creativity in what these scholarships are applied to, including membership fees, journal subscriptions, business cards and other needs. Scholarship amounts vary year-to-year and can be applied towards needs and/or travel costs associated with professional development. Apply here.

For more information, contact the Professional Development Chair at gaaa.profdev@gmail.com and to complete an application, click here.


The GAAA General Reimbursement Process is meant to reimburse Alumni for expenses NOT related to scholarships.

Most reimbursements made throughout the year relate to the GAAA’s Professional Development Scholarships. Those scholarships have separate forms for approval and reimbursement (for details about Professional Development Scholarships please send us an email). The General Reimbursement form enables Alumni to get reimbursed for items such as food and drinks, supplies or travel related to Mayoral program events, Academy Informational sessions, and other one-time events or needs. This form should also be used for GAAA Board members seeking reimbursement for travel, food, and other items related to accomplishing Board business.

Download reimbursement instructions and form, here.