On May 21, 2020, the Greenlining Institute hosted our first virtual Economic Summit, focused on tackling the racial equity and economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. This online event convened experts and advocates, not just on the stage, but among the 1600 who tuned in from homes across the country. As the day progressed, the virtual platform filled up with resources shared by attendees, speakers and the Greenlining team. To keep the momentum of the day going, we’ve created a list of resources shared via the Main Stage and the incredibly lively and spirited chat feature. 

As john a. powell, one of our incredible speakers, told us in one of our prep calls, ”We need our groups, organizations, and causes to network, share, and learn in order to be efficient with our responses and to avoid redundancy.” We hope that this is just one way in which our attendees continue to network, share and learn as we tackle the work that lies ahead.

All of the below books are available for delivery via We The Future expo vendor, East Bay Booksellers. Help us support small businesses in our hometown of Oakland, CA.

Suggested Books by We The Future 2020 Event Speakers

Community Resources

Additional Readings on Racial Equity