On May 21, equity leaders and advocates from across the country will gather for our first ever virtual Economic Summit on Race Equity: We The Future. Our event is hosted on the digital event platform Hopin. To ensure a smooth user experience, here's a few tips on how to use Hopin, a glimpse of what the day has in store, and our recently released program.

Logging into the Platform

You may use this link to log in to your HopIn account. Once you enter your credentials, click on “My Account” at the top right of the page, where you will be prompted to a page that lists “The Greenlining Institute’s Economic Summit”. Once you click on this box, you will be redirected to the conference and will be able to fully engage with all components of the event. If you get stuck, we created this helpful set of login instructions to assist you.

Watch this 2 min How-to-Hopin Video

Get acquainted with Hopin, the platform hosting Greenlining’s Virtual Summit. In this 2 min video, a Greenlining team member walks you through how to use Hopin like a pro (psst...it’s easy!). If you have more questions, please see our FAQ below.

Our Agenda

You can check out the agenda in the program or on the Hopin event. Our Main Stage festivities kick off at 9:00 AM PT. We recommend signing in early (to complete your profile and get comfortable). There are breaks throughout the day providing plenty of chances to explore the Expo, chat with fellow attendees, and experience virtual “roulette-style” networking (trust us - it’s reaaallly fun). Plus, you can stick around to network during the Virtual Reception.

Be Respectful of Your Fellow Attendees

If you're not sure what that means, view our Code of Conduct.

Bring a Friend. Or 20.

Everyone’s invited to We the Future: A Virtual Summit on Race Equity. Spread the word and invite colleagues and friends interested in racial equity. Attendees are able to register the day-of the event up until the event closes at 4:00 pm. But we think you should stay for the day if you can!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hopin?
Hopin is a virtual live events platform with all the benefits of physical events that people love, including main stage content, networking, and expos.

How do I register for Greenlining’s Virtual Economic Summit? 

Visit https://bit.ly/GLI-WeTheFuture-VirtualSummit, select the appropriate ticket price (Community, Supporter, Sustainer, Sponsor, or Group) and check out. 

During the checkout process, you will be prompted to enter your First Name, Last Name, Email, and create a Password. Once you click “Sign Up”, you will receive an email from HopIn confirming your registration. 

What should I include in my profile?
When you are logged into your HopIn account, you may click on “Profile” and customize your information. Please include your full name, email, company/organization affiliation, and a profile picture. This will help our virtual event feel more like an in-person event! Also, please add your LinkedIn profile, Twitter handle, and website in case you’d like to connect with others during virtual networking or after the event.

How do I join when the event is live on May 21?
When it’s time for the event, visit https://bit.ly/GLI-WeTheFuture-VirtualSummit, and click Enter Event. Refer to this document for more details on joining this year’s Summit on May 21. 

Is there a dial-in option?
There is no dial-option for this event as we aim to recreate the interactive components of an in-person event. On this virtual platform, you will be able to engage and interact with other attendees through the Chat and Networking features. To participate in all of the day’s activities, please sign in to your HopIn account here.

Can folks register day-of?
Absolutely! If you’d like to bring in your coworkers, partners, friends or whomever on the day-of, attendees will be able to register up until the end of the event. Though, of course, we encourage you to register and get set up early!

Do I have to stay logged on all day?
Nope! While we’d love to have you with us all day, you’re able to come in and out of the event as your schedule permits. We recommend checking out the program in advance and adding the sessions you’d like to attend to your calendar!

The Main Stage froze, what do I do?
If the Main Stage freezes up, just click the refresh button on your browser and this should solve the problem. See below if you have additional tech issues.

What if I need support during the event?
We’ve got your back! If this FAQ didn’t answer your question, you can email events@greenlining.org with your questions and we will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may call our Tech Support Hotline at 510-592-4828.

Where do I watch all the sessions?
To watch the sessions, simply navigate to the Stage tab, on the left side of the screen, sit back, and enjoy. 
During Breakout Sessions (11:10am - 12:00pm and 1:30pm - 2:20pm PST), you will be able to select a breakout session by clicking on Sessions on the navigation bar. 

I tried to connect to a breakout session, but it's not allowing me to enter?
Sessions have a capacity of 500 participants at a time. We have various sessions during each breakout period, so you will have plenty to choose from. 

How does the Chat feature work?
Chat allows attendees to communicate with one another throughout the event. If you write a message in Chat, everyone at the event can see it. Messages in Chat should strictly be about content. If you would like to chat directly with someone, use the People tab. 

How does the Poll feature work?
Poll allows attendees to engage with other participants by creating poll questions for other participants to answer throughout the day. If you create a Poll, everyone will see the question and can choose the answer that resonates with them. 

How does one-on-one networking work?
HopIn’s approach to online networking is akin to networking roulette. Matching is 100% random. That means you can’t choose who you are connected to and you’ll never meet the same person twice. 

If you go to the Networking tab on the left side of the screen and click Ready, you will begin networking. This means you will join a one-on-one video call -- you are paired up with one person at a time via Hopin’s video chat for three minutes. You can exchange contact information by clicking the bright blue Connect button before the timer runs out. If someone shared their contact information with you, you can find it back at the Hopin homepage. You can stop the chat at any time by clicking the Leave button at the top of the chat screen. Once the time is up (there’s a timer on screen), Hopin automatically moves you on to the next person. 

Will there be audience Q&A?
There will be time for a few audience questions during the Fireside Chat with Ibram X. Kendi and during several of the Breakout Sessions. To submit a question, type “QUESTION” in all-caps in the Chat before your post and we’ll add it to our queue. 

Will sessions be recorded?
Yes, most of our sessions will be recorded and sent out via our newsletter and links will be posted to our social media accounts. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to be the first to know!

Browser compatibility?
We recommend attending the events through your laptop/PC on Chrome or Firefox.  We cannot guarantee it will work on mobile.

**Note: Hopin requires recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari 11 or greater. So be sure to update your web browser if you haven't already done so.