Theory of Change

At the Greenlining Institute, we have the theory that if we can transform the very building blocks of our economy from the inside out and develop a roadmap to get there, we have more chances to realize a just future where communities of color can thrive.

Through future-focused policies rooted in our collective imagination, The Greenlining Institute is transforming the foundations of our economy and building new structures that will result in a greenlined economy that works for all. We do this by partnering with communities of color to establish equity-driven policy solutions with robust implementation to fundamentally transform our systems.

If you share our vision, please join us to establish enduring and meaningful solutions for the next three decades. Please consider making a $30 month contribution for our 30th Anniversary.

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30 Years of Greenlining The Economy

Bending the arc towards justice and equity

Redlining is the practice of literally drawing redlines around communities of color to mark them off limits for resources and investments. It’s just one example of government and corporate policies that cemented patterns of segregation and racism, and cut off communities of color from the very tools necessary to build wealth and lead abundant lives. 

So, what can we do to change the rules of our economy?

From confronting the ways redlining continues to evolve and the impact of AI bias on people of color to fighting to establish race-conscious policies even as the Supreme Court dismantles Affirmative Action in education; we work with frontline communities to implement holistic solutions to the modern-day and future challenges. 

Our work has evolved, and so have we. 

Today, our pursuit of a just future where communities of color thrive continues. And, when SCOTUS can undermine decades of progress with a stroke of the pen, this is when we double down on our mission and recommit to our vision. 

This is why we are proud to present our Theory of Change: The Greenlining Institute’s blueprint for how we will build a just economy that works for everyone.