Explore the Strategies
Strategy 1:
Shape a just and healthy economy and eliminate the root causes of inequities faced by communities of color

Ensure COVID-19 economic recovery efforts prioritize the needs of households and businesses of color

Expand public and private dollars available to communities of color to strengthen their communities with affordable housing, jobs, clean energy, transportation, etc.

Advance financial reform to end unfair practices that concentrate power and wealth

Eliminate all forms of redlining to establish healthy integrated communities

Build new systems that hold the public and private sectors accountable for investing in communities of color

Strategy 2:
Increase household wealth in communities of color

Expand and target resources and business development opportunities for households and businesses of color to build wealth through homeownership, jobs and entrepreneurship

Protect and restore communities of color from wealth stripping, including medical debt and excessive utility and insurance costs

Pilot innovative policies and projects to support the expansion and replication of community-led solutions

Strategy 3:
Build healthy and climate-resilient communities of color

Improve the quality of indoor and outdoor air by advancing policies like building decarbonization

Increase clean transportation options and access to other clean technologies

Support communities of color to prepare for and respond to challenges posed by climate change

Provide capacity building and technical assistance needed to support community-led change efforts

Strategy 4:
Build intersectional leadership and power across issues, sectors and places to advance an equity agenda

Establish an equity driven policy agenda that can be adopted by public, private and philanthropic decision makers

Cultivate the Greenlining Coalition and work with members to create and advance an effective platform for advocacy

Create opportunities for communities of color to participate in public decision-making processes

Support organizations led by communities of color to access resources and advance their advocacy agendas

Strategy 5:
Cultivate an expanding generation of racial equity leaders

Expand Greenlining’s Leadership Academy through new programs and partnerships

Support community partners to lead change efforts themselves

Diversify corporate and philanthropic governance boards

Increase the participation of leaders of color in public boards and commissions

Strategy 6:
Strengthen Greenlining’s internal operations

Support a healthy and dynamic workplace that honors and values staff identities and experiences, fosters career development, and reflects our core values

Strengthen internal operations and embrace safety, technology and security capability to meet the demands of our workplace

Invest in strategic communications and build out earned and digital media strategies

Grow and diversify our resource base, building out individual donor contributions and fee-for-service efforts