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Danielle Bell


(Oakland, CA) — We are pleased to see several specific allocations in Senate Bill 867 that support disadvantaged communities through substantial investments in safe drinking water and local parks. We also appreciate language included regarding additional allocations to disadvantaged communities that appear in the bill’s general provisions.

We have worked together for several months to elevate the issue of extreme heat within this bond and the severe impacts California’s changing climate is having on the State’s most vulnerable populations through increased heat intensity and duration. SB 867 takes a step towards addressing this issue by including a bond chapter dedicated exclusively to addressing extreme heat. If approved in November, the allocations included in this section will support critical investments next year to protect our most underserved communities through programs that create transformative climate communities, expand our urban forest and green spaces, and build community resilience centers.

Our organizations support SB 867, and looking beyond this bond, recognize State leaders must continue to do more to protect our most vulnerable populations from the multiple threats of extreme heat, and create climate resilient communities. We deeply appreciate and applaud the legislative champions that fought to uplift disadvantaged communities in SB 867, including Assembly Members Garcia, Bryan, and Connolly; and Senators Durazo, Limón, Gonzalez, Smallwood-Cuevas, and Cortese.


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