Thank you, Ms. Moore. On behalf of California’s diverse business community, it is my honor and pleasure to speak to you, Chairman Bradford, Chairman Padilla, Senator Price, Deputy Commissioner Shultz, and of course the Commission and President Peevey on the state of supplier diversity in California.
Greenlining’s entities have vigorously advocated for supplier diversity ever since the inception of the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. CRA established at the federal level that our civil rights are inextricably linked to our capital rights.

But it wasn’t until a decade later that we had a game-changer. Ms. Moore’s ground-breaking legislation that eventually established GO 156 was the breakthrough that injected transparency, competition and opportunity into some of the largest corporations in the state.

It was another fifteen years later, however, that the breakthrough of Ms. Moore’s legislation found a leader who could steward this effort and build an institution to make supplier diversity a business priority. Under your leadership, President Peevey, supplier diversity with CPUC-regulated entities have gone from the millions into the billions. Diverse procurement has thrived, jumping from $1 billion per year to $5 billion per year.

At Crossorads
And today, we again find ourselves at a crossroads. And “