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Samuel S. Kang, Greenlining Institute Managing Attorney, 415-317-5946 (cell)

WASHINGTON — In a petition filed with the Federal Communications Commission Monday, The Greenlining Institute urges the FCC to block the proposed merger of NBC-Universal and Comcast, warning of serious dangers to media diversity posed by the merger. The merger, Greenlining argues, could have a profound negative impact on jobs, the diversity of content available to viewers, women- and minority-owned businesses, minority media ownership, and ethnic media programming.

In its petition, Greenlining urges the FCC to hold public hearings on the merger in California.  Greenlining Institute Managing Attorney Samuel S.Kang cited the need for at least two hearings in California, in Los Angeles and the Bay Area.  “These two areas are the second and sixth largest media markets in the country,” Kang said. “In total, California has four of the top 30 markets in the United States, so it’s concerning that the FCC has not scheduled any public hearings in California.”

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“Unfortunately, Comcast and NBCU have a poor track record of promoting minority perspectives and preserving local content,” Kang said. “For example, NBC systematically dismantled Telemundo’s local news coverage, while Comcast has slashed local content in several markets. This proposed marriage of NBCU and Comcast is a union of two corporations that operate by a remarkably similar modus operandi – gut, cut, and strut.”
Kang added, “I just hope that this administration’s regulation of the Comcast merger will be more transparent than the administration’s regulation of offshore drilling.”