If you’re in advocacy, grassroots, membership or marketing, you’re undoubtedly constantly on the lookout for effective grassroots marketing campaign ideas that actually work – be it for your donation cycle, membership engagement or to create awareness.

To make it easier, we compiled a list of 50 great examples that did just that, including success metrics, and placed them all in one post for your convenience.

Greenlining Institute: 200% Increase in Twitter Followers

The Greenlining Institute is a policy, research, organizing, and leadership institute working for racial and economic justice. The organization works to bring the American Dream within reach of all, regardless of race or income.

Campaign Goal: Develop a clear vision for using social media, with intention to listen to what people were saying about the institute’s issues and build relationships as a result.

Channel(s): Twitter

Results: The organization’s original foray into social media in 2007 was disappointing because it hopped on the bandwagon without a clear vision in mind. In 2011, after hiring interns and eventually full-time staff members to focus on building and implementing a social media strategy, the institute developed goals and objectives for utilizing different tools. As a result the organization tripled its Twitter followers from a humble 500 to 1,500 in 10 months. In 2013 the institute published The Art of Listening: Social Media Toolkit for Nonprofits to help other organizations avoid their initial missteps in using social networks.