SmartGrid Consumer Collaborative

In effort to recognize companies and organizations who serve as role models within SGCC and the industry in the development and implementation of a consumer education programs, SGCC honored the top Utility, top Technology Vendor and top Non-Profit Organization at our 2015 Consumer Symposium: Consumer Value in Action on February 2, 2015.

All SGCC members were considered for the awards. In consideration of potential new members, non-SGCC members were also eligible for these awards. The criterion by which candidate companies were selected is based on five behaviors and how they make Smart Grid CLEAR to consumers:

  • Consumers first: Demonstrated true consumer centric approach in the development and implementation of consumer education and awareness programs
  • Leadership: Exhibited initiative in the area of consumer education and is recognized as a consumer advocate and thought leader in the industry
  • Excellence: Demonstrated innovation and imagination in the creation of consumer facing initiatives and programs
  • Authenticity: Has demonstrated a high level of integrity in engaging with consumers and other key stakeholders in the industry
  • Results: Has been able to demonstrate, in a quantifiable way, a direct impact on consumer awareness and behavior

2015 Award Winners:
SGCC is proud to announce our 2015 Winners:

Peak Energy Savings Credit & Energy Wise Rewards, Pepco Holdings Inc
Pepco Holdings Inc. (PHI) is one of the largest energy delivery companies in the Mid-Atlantic region and has developed more than a dozen energy management programs to help customers save energy. PHI’s Energy Wise Rewards program allows Maryland customers to take more control of their energy use, save money, and take a step toward a more sustainable lifestyle. By combining customer education for its AMI-enabled dynamic pricing program, Peak Energy Savings Credit, and the Energy Wise Rewards program, the company positioned its offerings as “Two Ways to Save”. These programs allow customers to select one way or both ways to reduce energy use. Materials educate customers on the many ways to save energy, increasing awareness of both programs. By offering various programs that help customers save energy and reduce costs, PHI has been able to personalize its energy management programs to meet the specific needs of a diverse customer base.

Points and Rewards, Opower
Opower’s Points and Rewards product capitalizes on 400 years worth of consumer behavior data and global best practices to allow customers to earn points for saving energy and participating in utility programs. Points and Rewards is truly a customer-centric approach and has successfully driven a number of outcomes including customer satisfaction, digital engagement, and program participation. From motivating customers to sign up for electronic billing to driving participation in energy efficiency programs, Points and Rewards helps utilities accomplish key smart grid objectives.

Consumer Education & Awareness Campaigns, The Greenlining Institute
Greenlining envisions a nation where race is never a barrier to economic opportunity and communities of color thrive. They work with policymakers, utilities, and community leaders to ensure that energy education and awareness reach all communities, including those who speak languages other than English, are culturally isolated, or otherwise hard to reach. They conduct trainings and educate communities on clean energy and affordability issues and recently launched UpLift California, a way to show the benefits of clean energy happening in communities right now.