Greenlining regularly testifies at legislative and regulatory hearings and submits written filings and comments to official bodies. Browse and search these official filings and testimony here.

Testimony & Comments

Greenlining Supports Section 1071 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act

September 18, 2017 Economic Equity

On September 14th, The Greenlining Institute submitted a letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, along with 33 nonprofits, Chambers of Commerce, and business associations, strongly [...]

Testimony & Comments

Greenlining Opposes Proposal for Regionalization of the Western Power Grid

September 14, 2017 Energy Equity

Greenlining submits an Opposition Letter to AB 726 and AB 813 that collectively regionalize the administration of the western power grid. Greenlining is not opposed to the [...]

Testimony & Comments

Greenlining Joins Clean Energy Research Proceeding at PUC

July 24, 2017 Technology Equity

By participating in this proceeding, Greenlining will work to promote and maximize benefits from clean energy research development in low-income and disadvantaged communities. Read more here.

Testimony & Comments

Reply Comments on FCC’s Broadband Deployment Proceeding

July 17, 2017 Technology Equity

Greenlining’s comments ask the FCC to reject broadband providers’ attempts to eliminate local governments’ ability to regulate where providers install telephone and broadband infrastructure. Read the comments [...]

Testimony & Comments

Opposition Letter to Senate Bill 649

June 27, 2017 Technology Equity

This letter opposes SB 649, which would allow phone and broadband providers to build and upgrade their networks without first consulting local communities. Read the letter [...]

Testimony & Comments

Greenlining’s Comments in FCC’s Accelerating Broadband Deployment Proceeding

June 20, 2017 Technology Equity

These are comments in an FCC proceeding regarding whether providers may shut down so-called “legacy” telephone services.  In the comments, Greenlining argues that discontinuance of telephone [...]

Testimony & Comments

Greenlining’s Reply Comments on Proposals Promoting Solar Growth in Disadvantaged Communities

June 16, 2017 Energy Equity

Comments are on proposals to encourage solar development in disadvantaged communities. Greenlining’s comments focus on ensuring low-income communities and communities of color most impacted by dirty [...]

Testimony & Comments

Protest to Proposed Merger of Level 3 and CenturyLink

June 9, 2017 Energy Equity

Level 3 and CenturyLink are “middle mile” broadband providers.  Broadband providers like AT&T and Comcast contract with middle mile providers to deliver Internet traffic across the [...]

Testimony & Comments

Opening Comments of The Greenlining Institute on Proposals for Net Energy Metering Alternatives for Disadvantaged Communities

June 7, 2017 Environmental Equity

Comments are on proposals to encourage solar development in disadvantaged communities. Greenlining’s comments focus on ensuring low-income and communities of color most impacted by dirty energy [...]

Testimony & Comments

Greenlining’s Testimony in Support of AB 1344, Voting Information for Current and Former Offenders

April 21, 2017 Health Equity

Greenlining Health Policy Fellow Daniel Cano testified before the California Assembly Committee on Public Safety in favor of AB 1344, which addresses the voting rights of [...]

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