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Shaking Down Philanthropies

In 2007, state representative Joe Coto introduced “The Foundation Diversity and Transparency Act” at the behest of the Berkeley-based activist group, Greenlining. The organization claimed that though “communities of color” made up the majority of Californians, the state’s foundations were…
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The Greenlining Institute: Shakedown Artists

The Greenlining Institute: Shakedown Artists By Matthew Vadum The weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal highlighted the growing menace of groups like California’s Greenlining Institute. Greenlining is a left-wing pressure group that threatens adverse public relations campaigns against lenders…
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‘Community Organizing’ Deserves to be Ridiculed

By Capital Research Center  Saturday, September 6, 2008 By Matthew Vadum Oh, the liberal apoplexy. The hard left has responded with delicious howls of indignation to GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s belittling of ‘community organizing.’
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Tough Talk on Mortgage Suits

By Cheryl Miller SACRAMENTO – Six plaintiffs, including Attorney General Jerry Brown, will ask a federal panel <http://www.jpml.uscourts.gov/>  on Thursday to keep their individual lawsuits against Countrywide Financial Corp. untangled and out of a single federal court.
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Foreclosure Freeze Movement Hits Top of Democratic Ticket

LegalNewsline.com BY SCOTT SABATINI TOLEDO, Ohio (Legal Newsline)-A grassroots effort that began near the U.S.-Mexican border reached the heartland of America on Monday when Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama advocated a 90-day moratorium on some home foreclosures during a rally…
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Misplaced Blame On CRA

The New York Times October 15, 2008 In recent weeks, Republicans in Congress have been blaming a lot of things, besides themselves, for the subprime mortgage debacle. And many of these same Republicans have long wanted to abolish the Community…
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