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McClatchy to Hold On Through Turbulent Times

Andrew S. Ross SFgate.com Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Might a media company based in Northern California follow the Tribune Co.’s example and be the next to seek some “breathing space” from its debts, i.e., file Chapter 11? No way, said…
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Medicare Drug Plans Changing

Seniors urged to check Part D prices and coverage during open enrollment to avoid surprises. By Melissa Evans, Staff Writer contracostatimes.com Posted: 12/03/2008 11:04:27 PM PST Updated: 12/04/2008 10:32:40 AM PST Fifteen dollars a month doesn’t sound like a lot…
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Philanthropy’s Race Problem

By Orson Aguilar http://www.colorlines.com A new compromise from foundations might be cause for some optimism. The everyday challenges faced by the people in many neighborhoods seem far removed from the American Dream these days: the lack of good housing and…
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Liberalism Never Sleeps

By Matthew Vadum spectator.org Businesses that politicians deem vital to the national interest aren’t being allowed to fail in America today, and the bigger they are, the more help they get from the government. So it’s not much of a…
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Foreclosure Freeze Movement Takes on Wall Street

beyondchron.org by Scott Sabatini Review it on NewsTrust Earlier this summer, Countrywide Financial’s most famous troubled customer received an altruistic bailout that saved his home. Now months later, despite attention from the highest levels of government, hundreds of thousands of…
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Obama Moves Foreclosure Crisis Center Stage

LegalNewsline.com BY SCOTT SABATINI WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline)-Beleaguered homeowners received a powerful boost when President-elect Barack Obama said confronting the housing crisis will be one of his first orders of business upon taking office in January.
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We Are Trying to Get Charities to Be More Inclusive

The Wall Street Journal Your post-election day editorial attack on community organizers (“The Latest Charity Shakedown,” Nov. 5 – See Below) is inconsistent with the Journal’s recent strong support for transparency and scrutiny of the Wall Street firms that have…
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The Latest Charity Shakedown

Do you know the color of your donees? The Wall Street Journal What if the Greenlining Institute held a shakedown and nobody paid up? The Berkeley-based outfit invited representatives from America’s top 50 foundations to come to their offices two…
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