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The Greenlining Institute: Shakedown Artists

The Greenlining Institute: Shakedown Artists By Matthew Vadum The weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal highlighted the growing menace of groups like California’s Greenlining Institute. Greenlining is a left-wing pressure group that threatens adverse public relations campaigns against lenders…
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Shaking Down Philanthropies

In 2007, state representative Joe Coto introduced “The Foundation Diversity and Transparency Act” at the behest of the Berkeley-based activist group, Greenlining. The organization claimed that though “communities of color” made up the majority of Californians, the state’s foundations were…
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Should Foundations Collect Diversity Data?

Source: ABC News | Written by: David Louie There’s a deal being made in Sacramento to get the state’s largest foundations to give more support to minority-run non-profit groups. In this Assignment 7 report, we take a look at why…
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Minors as No Estudian Medicina

Source: impre.com | Written by: impre.com SACRAMENTO.— A pesar de que los latinos, afroamericanos y asiáticos conforman más del 40% de la población de California, menos del 20% de los estudiantes que se han matriculado en las cinco escuelas de…
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Greenlining Institute Report: UC Medical School

Source: impact209.org | Written by: impact209.org The Greenlining Institute, a multiethnic research and advocacy institute, on Thursday released a report on the diversity of the University of California’s medical student body. Among the findings: although AfricanAmericans, Latinos, and Asian Americans make…
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