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Providing Cellphones for the Poor By MATT RICHTEL John Cobb, 59, a former commercial fisherman who is disabled with cirrhosis of the liver and emphysema, lives in a studio apartment in Greensboro, N.C., on a fixed monthly income of $674. He has been hoping…
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PUC Member’s Bid for Second Term Rejected

The California Senate chief refuses to hold a hearing for Rachelle Chong, who had the backing of AT & T and Verizon, which benefited from her successful push to deregulate most land-line services. By Michael Rothfeld LA Times The leader…
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Lawmakers Call for Tough Review of Comcast Deal

Philadelphia Inquirer By Bob Fernandez Inquirer Staff Writer U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters, a Democrat from Los Angeles, has emerged as a deep skeptic of Comcast Corp.’s proposed $30 billion deal for NBC Universal Inc., and about 70 like-minded lawmakers have…
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Comcast/NBCU Gets Pounded, Praised

Proposed Union Debated At House Judiciary Committee Hearing John Eggerton Following the pattern a pattern of dueling views of the proposed merger since its inception last fall, Comcast/NBCU deal drew fire and praise Monday in a House Judiciary Committee…
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Comcast-Universal Merger Attacked

Los Angeles Times By Joe Flint One critic likened cable TV giant Comcast Corp. to a plantation, while another pointed to the BP oil spill disaster as what could happen when companies escape tough regulatory scrutiny. Then an influential congresswoman…
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