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Cox Files Settlement Agreement in ETC Case

TR’s State Newswire Cox California Telecom LLC, the Greenlining Institute, and the Utility Reform Network are asking the Public Utilities Commission to approve a settlement agreement under which Cox will be designated as an eligible telecommunications carrier. After Cox filed…
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¿Quien Gana y Quién Pierde?

La Opinion Orson Aguilar Samuel S. Kang El recién anunciado plan de AT&T de adquirir T-Mobile tiene el potencial de cambiar el espectro de las comunicaciones de manera importante. Algunos ya han aplaudido o condenado la propuesta de la fusión,…
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‘Stop Mega Comcast’ Coalition Aims to Block Time Warner Cable Merger

Variety by Cynthia Littleton A clutch of public interest groups, unions and media companies including Dish Network and Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze have formed the “Stop Mega Comcast” coalition to advocate against federal approval of the $45 billion cable merger. The…
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A "Separate But Equal" Internet?

Huff Post by:Preeti Vissa The phrase “knowledge is power” dates back to at least the seventeenth century, and it’s as true today as it was then. But today, technology has become the essential portal to information, and information technology has…
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Amicus Brief to Restore Net Neutrality

The Greenlining Institute, Common Cause, Center for Media Justice, Color of Change, 18 Million Rising, Media Alliance and Media Mobilizing Project filed an amicus brief urging the DC Court of Appeals to vacate the Federal Communications Commission’s unlawful repeal of net neutrality.…
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