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A Look at Inequalities in Health

Source: LA Watts Times | Written by: KELLIE MIDDLETON, M.P.H. and LEN CHANTY Slow and steady wins the race… If Aesop’s moral holds true, then the race for black equality and social justice, which started nearly 40 years ago, should…
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Where Would We Be Without Physicians of Color?

Source: Irvine school newspaper New University | Written by: Kellie K. Middleton, M.P.H. As students and future leaders, we don’t think enough about how minorities have impacted our state’s economy, politics and health care system. If we did, we would…
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Stem Cell Research: Fighting Ethics With Ethics

Source: | Written by: SUSAN GILBERT For nearly seven years, federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research has been banned in the United States on ethical grounds. Now, looking ahead to a new administration, proponents of lifting the…
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Greenlining Institute Report: UC Medical School

Source: | Written by: The Greenlining Institute, a multiethnic research and advocacy institute, on Thursday released a report on the diversity of the University of California’s medical student body. Among the findings: although AfricanAmericans, Latinos, and Asian Americans make…
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Minors as No Estudian Medicina

Source: | Written by: SACRAMENTO.— A pesar de que los latinos, afroamericanos y asiáticos conforman más del 40% de la población de California, menos del 20% de los estudiantes que se han matriculado en las cinco escuelas de…
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Medicare Drug Plans Changing

Seniors urged to check Part D prices and coverage during open enrollment to avoid surprises. By Melissa Evans, Staff Writer Posted: 12/03/2008 11:04:27 PM PST Updated: 12/04/2008 10:32:40 AM PST Fifteen dollars a month doesn’t sound like a lot…
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Policy Group Questions Loans for Pfizer Deal

The New York  Times Cyrus Sanati Pfizer’s $68 billion acquisition of rival pharmaceutical maker Wyeth is drawing criticism over the $22.5 billion in loans Pfizer received from major Wall Street banks to help close the deal. The Greenlining Institute, a…
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