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Bay Area Hospitals Use Fuzzy Math on Community Benefits Reporting

Fierce Health Finance by Ron Shinkman Where have all the community benefits gone? That’s a question asked by the Berkeley, California-based Greenlining Institute, which recently examined how hospitals in San Francisco were expending their community benefits. Greenlining could not find much of…
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Report: Calif. Hospitals’ Community Benefits Difficult To Determine

California Healthline It is difficult to determine how much not-for-profit hospitals in California spend on community benefits and what that funding is used for, according to a recent Greenlining Institute report, the Sacramento Business Journal reports. Details of Report The report specifically focused…
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New Report: Do Nonprofit SF Hospitals Keep Their Bargain with Taxpayers?

Sacramento Business Journal by Kathy Robertson Nonprofit hospitals in California give back millions a year in community benefits, but it’s tough to tell where the money goes, concludes a new report by The Greenlining Institute. Released Tuesday, the report by the Berkeley-based policy…
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New Report Asks: Do SF Hospitals Keep their Bargain with Taxpayers?

More Transparency Needed, Advocates Say. Hospitals Decline to Answer Questions Contact: Bruce Mirken, Greenlining Institute Media Relations Director, 510-926-4022; 415-846-7758 (cell) BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA – California not-for-profit hospitals receive more than twice as much in tax breaks as they give back to taxpayers in…
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Nonprofit Advocacy Greenlining Institute Scores Win on Minority Health Access

Nonprofit Quarterly by Rick Cohen Greenlining’s Carla Saporta reports that Covered California, the state’s health insurance exchange, is recruiting a diversity officer. In Greenlining’s view, it couldn’t be too soon. Greenlining issued a report this past summer on Covered California,…
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No Vote, No Voice

Vida en el Valle by Liliana Martinez Starting this year, Californians were given the opportunity to access health care and make their voice heard in the same place: by enrolling through the Covered California website. “More than 27,000 Californians registered…
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Comcast : Greenlining Tells FCC: Don’t Force Low-Income Consumers to the ‘Back of the Digital Bus’

4-Traders The Greenlining Institute recently filed its formal reply urging the Federal Communications Commission to reject proposals from telecommunications providers suggesting that, the FCC issue watered-down (or no) rules regarding net neutrality. Such proposals, Greenlining argued, could force low income…
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