Greenlining Comments on Financing Energy Efficiency Pilot Projects Across California

The Greenlining Institutes’ Environmental Equity team seeks to advance a healthy environment and renewable energy for all of California’s low income communities.  These documents represent the opening comments and reply about recommendations to the CPUC on innovative energy efficiency financing pilots to expand access to affordable capital for California’s residents and businesses.


To read the opening recommendations, click here.

To read the reply comments to the CPUC about the recommendations, click here.

Greenlining Federal Comment to CFPB for Integrating Financial Coaching into Service Delivery

This document is the comments from the Greenlining Institute to the CFFB regarding the training and helping of veterans and economically vulnerable consumers. Greenlining hopes this comment will help widen the group of people who are helped and increase the financial wisdom and wealth of veterans and low income consumers.  You can read the document here.

Greenlining Briefing Explaining the Importance of LifeLine Phone Service

This document is an extensive brief that Greenlining, TURN, CforAT, and NCLC filed in the LifeLine proceeding.  It explains that low-cost telephone service is critical to low-income Californians, and argues for robust requirements for LifeLine service to ensure that low-income consumers, people of color, limited and non-English speakers, and individuals with disabilities have access to dependable phone service regardless of the technology used. Click here to read the document.

Video: Greenlining’s Testimony to California Assembly Public Safety Committee in support of AB 149

This video is Greeenlining testifying to the Assembly Public Safety Committee about AB-149 which would require the Department of Corrections to provide notification of an inmate or former felon’s right to vote.

To skip to Greenlining’s testimony, click on the “Index” link below the video, and then click on the “AB-149 Voting rights: inmates and persons formerly incarcerated. Weber”