Greenlining’s 17th Annual Economic Summit: Rebuilding the American Dream
Join us on April 9th in downtown Los Angeles as we discuss how we nurture new and capable leaders to Rebuild the American Dream. We will discuss current efforts that aim for a more responsive and effective government as well as the need for responsible corporations to be partners in win-win efforts.  This years keynote speaker will be the Hon. Barney Frank Chairman of the House financial Services Committee.
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Green Assets:
Greening Our Neighborhoods & Putting Americans to Work
Energy-Efficiency or ‘Cash for Caulkers’ says President Obama, is the most effective way to help Americans. Our most recent report concurs – Block by Block – Community by Community – saving $$$ while boosting our local economies.
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The State of Solar: Expanding California’s New Landscape of Opportunity
With billions of dollars heading to California for solar manufacturing and installations through the American Recovery Reinvestment Act, Greenlining looks at equity and opportunity. Will Solar Shine for all Californians?
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Toxic Triangle Meeting Kicks off February 13th at Allen Temple Baptist Church

Representing the Greenlining Coalition, the Green Assets Team will be presenting at the first of three public hearings at the Allen Baptist Temple Church in Oakland. This is a wake-up call to the community, policy makers and all concerned with our future and health.
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People of Color Could Play NO role on Powerful New Commission
Despite making up 60% of the state, less than 25% of applicants to the New Citizens Redistricting Commission are people of color.

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Community Reinvestment:
Rein in Free Ride for Too Big To Fail Financial Institutions
Orson Aguilar and Earl “Skip” Cooper of the Black Business Association recently published an op-ed in the American Banker. The article encourages President Obama to lend to small business under the same terms offered to the major banks, to adopt systemic principal reduction programs to prevent foreclosures, and to enact several policies that make it easier for first-time homebuyers to purchase homes before investors and speculators.
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Greenlining Host’s War Room Meeting on Enhancing the Community Reinvestment Act
On January 13th, the Greenlining Institute met with numerous California community leaders for a “War Room on the Financial Crisis.” We discussed what approaches advocates are currently taking on behalf of the most impacted communities, and brainstormed ways to strengthen our message and strategy.
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Consumer Protection:
Greenlining Turns the Heat Up, Utilities Leave the Heat On!
PG&E had been shutting off power for low income customers at a near record pace. Greenlining urged all California utilities to stop shutting off power during the holidays. The utilities agreed.
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Statewide Coalition Defeats Schwarzenegger’s Anti-Consumer Nomination
Greenlining, in partnership with a statewide coalition, defeated Governor Schwarzenegger’s nomination of Rachelle Chong for a second term on the California Public Utilities Commission.
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Leadership Academy:
Application Process for 2010 IPO Summer Camp has Begun
The application deadline for our IPO Summer Camp is fast approaching!  Greenlining Academy is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated high school students in grades 9, 10, and 11 who are interested in community leadership and civic responsibility. Issue areas include Banking, New Media and Sustainable Development. Click here to learn more

Greenlining Academy Presents “The Movement 2.0”
More than just a video, The Movement 2.0 is a new movement for social justice that builds on the legacy of our civil rights leaders and recognizes the need for sustainable leadership, especially from communities of color.”The Movement 2.0″, captures Greenlining’s new vision for training the next generation of informed, skilled and community minded advocates who will impact the most pressing policy issues facing our nation.
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Seed Corn Gallery:
CALL FOR ARTISTS: Seed Corn Gallery
Currently accepting submissions for our April 2010 community art show, “Redrawing the Lines.”  Entries must be in by March 1, 2010.  The Seed Corn Gallery is a 100% not-for-profit, 0% commission gallery whose mission is to provide a space for local artists to show their work.
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