ABC 7 Profiles The Greenlining Leadership Academy
For the past 21 years, through their Profiles in Excellence series, ABC 7 has featured Bay Area residents and organizations that have made important contributions to the community.  Orson Aguilar and the Greenlining Leadership Academy took center stage in ABC’s July episode of Profiles of Excellence.  Watch video here.

Let Steinberg Know:  Anti-Consumer Commissioner Chong Should be Rejected
Greenlining met with every member of the Senate Rules Committee on August 18th urging them to reject Rachelle Chong’s nomination to the California Public Utilities Commission.  Read article here.

Support AB 1405: The AB 32 Community Benefit Fund
AB1405, the Community Benefit Fund, co-sponsored by The Greenlining Institute, Coalition for Clean Air, NAACP and Race Poverty and The Environment needs your support!  This legislation acts to ensure that dollars coming through proposed carbon mechanisms (billions a year potentially) have specific set aside for disadvantaged communities. Read AB1405 PDF here and find draft support letter here.

We need your support so legislators know that our communities are paying attention.  If you have not submitted a letter of support, please complete letter and submit on your organization’s letterhead to or fax to 510-926-4010.

Greenlining in D.C. Advocating for Main Street
The current credit crisis has disproportionately impacted communities of color.   Greenlining recently opened a Washington DC office to play a major role in efforts to re-regulate the financial sector.  Chris Vaeth, our legislative director, is already having an impact with direct discussions with Congressman Barney Frank.  In addition, Greenlining coalition members will soon be meeting with Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, FDIC Sheila Bair, and others, to discuss efforts for saving Main Street, not just Wall Street.  For more information contact Chris Vaeth at

In addition, Greenlining will let major policymakers know how foreclosure prevention efforts have failed communities of color and will make recommendations for loan-modifications that work.  Read letter we sent to President Obama here. Greenlining will also be calling on regulators to modernize the Community Reinvestment Act and make sure that all financial sectors are covered.  Read Greenlining’s new “CRA Advocate’s Guide” here.

Make Your Voice Heard in the Whirlwind of Financial Re-Regulation
New legislation is being written daily in response to the financial crisis.  As these critical policies are being made, we need your voices to be heard!  Greenlining is organizing a task force in communities of color to ensure they are protected and empowered by new regulation of the financial sector.  If you would like to join this effort, or to learn more, please send an email to

Pfizer Lacking in Diversity Department
Greenlining met with Pfizer, the world’s largest drug company to discuss their diversity practices.  Unfortunately, they have a long way to go.  For example, after boasting of their superior supplier diversity program, they refused to provide Greenlining with actual supplier diversity data claiming it was “confidential.”  Pfizer also refused to provide Greenlining with their management diversity data and philanthropy data. In summary, they gave us more reason to oppose the pending Pfizer/Wyeth merger.  Read letter voicing our concerns here. For more information contact Hector Preciado at

September 10th Art Show and Silent Auction
The Seed Corn Gallery invites artists, art buyers, and admirers to our third art show and silent auction!  Exhibiting more than 50 pieces of work by local Bay Area artists.  Visit the Seed Corn Gallery website for details.