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We Need Fundamental Economic Changes

The Progressive By Orson Aguilar I wish all Americans could have seen firsthand the amazing crowd at the Occupy Oakland general strike Nov. 2. Contrary to media stereotypes, this was America — young, old, professional, working-class, black, white, Latino, Asian,…
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We Don’t Have to Throw Homeowners Overboard

huffingtonpost.com By Preeti Vissa A funny thing has happened since I wrote last week about the need for both a broad foreclosure moratorium and for longer-term reforms, including principal reduction, to help homeowners who now owe vastly more than their…
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We Can Save Homeownership

ROOFLINES The Shelterforce Blog by:Preeti Vissa It’s no secret: homeownership in America is in trouble. If this crucial part of the American Dream is worth saving–and it is–it’s also no secret how to start saving it. Bear in mind that…
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Voters: Beware of Sore Losers

The Sun of Inland Empire and San Bernadino by Blanca Hernandez and Michelle Romero Just days after Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 131, known as the California Dream Act, Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Hesperia, filed a referendum to…
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Viewpoint: Wrong to Blame Homeownership

American Banker By Orson Aguilar and Preeti Vissa As long as most of us have been alive, owning a home has been a big part of the American Dream. If you ask renters or young people if they hope to…
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Viewpoint: Winning Main Street Hearts and Minds

American Banker | Friday, October 24, 2008 By Robert Gnaizda and Jorge Corralejo Last week the secretary of the Treasury and the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board decided to save the American banking industry from its follies by partially…
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