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Real Foreclosure Relief Can’t Wait

huffingtonpost.com By Preeti Vissa No less an expert than Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Prize-winning economist and president-elect of the International Economic Association, has concluded that that there is a real answer to the foreclosure crisis: Principal reduction. Forcing banks to write…
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The Film You Must See — or, We Told You So

huffingtonpost.com By Preeti Vissa A few days ago I joined a group of my colleagues from The Greenlining Institute to see the new documentary, Inside Job. I don’t normally go around telling people what to do, but seriously: Step away…
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2011: The Main Action Won’t Be in Congress

huffingtonpost.com By Preeti Vissa The punditocracy is anxiously war-gaming the expected battles between the Obama Administration and Congress. But while there will be plenty of strong rhetoric and political theatrics on Capitol Hill, much of the real action will occur…
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The Other California Ballot Horror

huffingtonpost.com By Preeti Vissa Since my home state has a way of starting trends — some good, some terrible — California ballot propositions have been attracting national attention for decades. One of the terrible ones hasn’t gotten the attention it…
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We Don’t Have to Throw Homeowners Overboard

huffingtonpost.com By Preeti Vissa A funny thing has happened since I wrote last week about the need for both a broad foreclosure moratorium and for longer-term reforms, including principal reduction, to help homeowners who now owe vastly more than their…
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The Real Face of Proposition 23

www.triplepundit.com By C.C. Song, The Greenlining Institute In the backyard of the Tesoro and Valero refineries in Wilmington, California lives a thriving community that has been fighting back against the oil giants for years. Because of Proposition 23, attention has…
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A Foreclosure Moratorium Should Be Just the Start

huffingtonpost.com By Preeti Vissa The good news is that recent revelations about foreclosures being finalized based on improper documentation — legal filings often not even read by the bank officials who signed hundreds or thousands of them at a time…
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Fighting Big Texas Oil in California

huffingtonpost.com By Preeti Vissa The fight over Proposition 23 in California has gotten national attention, and understandably so. This attempt by two Texas oil companies to roll back California’s landmark clean energy law could deal a major blow to efforts…
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Minorities Fight Back Against Prop. 23

triplepundit.com By Orson Aguilar They’re at it again:  Once more, special interests are trying to hijack California’s state ballot to enrich themselves at the expense of our communities. The Latino, African-American and Asian communities that make up California’s new majority…
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