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Fighting Big Texas Oil in California

huffingtonpost.com By Preeti Vissa The fight over Proposition 23 in California has gotten national attention, and understandably so. This attempt by two Texas oil companies to roll back California’s landmark clean energy law could deal a major blow to efforts…
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Minorities Fight Back Against Prop. 23

triplepundit.com By Orson Aguilar They’re at it again:  Once more, special interests are trying to hijack California’s state ballot to enrich themselves at the expense of our communities. The Latino, African-American and Asian communities that make up California’s new majority…
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Big Rate Hikes Pose Questions for Insurance Commissioner Candidates

californiaprogressreport.com By Carla Saporta and Rosa Martinez The Greenlining Institute Major California health insurers have big rate hikes coming – raising questions that the candidates for state insurance commissioner must answer. The insurance commissioner race has gotten relatively little attention…
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Viewpoint: Wrong to Blame Homeownership

American Banker By Orson Aguilar and Preeti Vissa As long as most of us have been alive, owning a home has been a big part of the American Dream. If you ask renters or young people if they hope to…
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Petroleras y la Prop. 23

La Opinion Orson Aguilar Lo están haciendo otra vez: De nuevo, los intereses especiales están tratando de arrebatar la iniciativa de ley en la boleta de California para enriquecerse a costa de nuestras comunidades. Dos grandes compañías petroleras están gastando…
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