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Open Up the Revolving Door

huffingtonpost.com By Preeti Vissa One of the more disturbing issues highlighted by the recent documentary Inside Job is the revolving door between the financial industry, the agencies that are supposed to regulate it and the academic world where economists churn…
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An Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas?

huffingtonpost.com By Preeti Vissa This time of year conjures up traditional images of family gatherings, cozy fireplaces, shared meals and happy exchanges of presents — images of home, security and friendship. But millions of Americans who have had their homes…
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Cap-and-Trade Rules: Hold the Applause

California Progress Report By Orson Aguilar and C.C. Song There has been a lot of cheering over the Dec. 16 decision by the California Air Resources Board to adopt rules setting up the nation’s first cap-and-trade system for reducing carbon…
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Viewpoint: My Crime Was Not Curbing the Guilty

American Banker By Robert Gnaizda Many minority leaders concerned about foreclosures and lack of future homeownership opportunities, have asked me, a co-founder and former general counsel of the Greenlining Institute, to respond to charges that it caused the financial crisis…
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Hazards, Moral and Otherwise

huffingtonpost.com By Preeti Vissa I and other consumer advocates have been arguing for an effort to head off the coming new wave of foreclosures, primarily by writing down the principal of mortgages that were based on unrealistic, bubble-inflated home values.…
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Race and subprime loan crisis

SFgate.com – Letters to the editor As Kevin Fagan and Robert Selna’s excellent story (“Latinos in Merced feel brunt of crisis,” Dec. 5) noted, Latinos have indeed been disproportionately affected by the foreclosure crisis. But one significant factor wasn’t mentioned…
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Don’t Blame Poor And Do See ‘Inside Job’

Investors.com By Orson Aguilar It has been fascinating to observe the reactions of anti-regulation zealots to the film “Inside Job.” Many — including Paul Sperry in his Nov. 18 column on this page, “10 Reasons You Should Not Waste Your…
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The Greenlining Institute Responds to Peter Wood

Chronicle.com – Innovations By Orson Aguilar, Executive Director, and Bruce Mirken, Media Relations Coordinator, of the Greenlining Institute On Stanford University’s Web site, university President John Hennessy declares, “We believe that the richness of our backgrounds, cultures, talents, and interests…
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