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Changing LifeLine Could Hurt Low-Income Consumers

Capitol Weekly By Stephanie Chen | 07/31/13 12:00 AM PST Assemblymember Steven Bradford claims that AB 1407 is needed to improve California’s LifeLine program (“PUC’s dithering hurts those who depend on basic phone service,” Capitol Weekly, July 29). According to Mr. Bradford, the California Public…
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What the Senate Needs to Ask Tom Wheeler

The Hill by: Stephanie Chen The nomination of Thomas E. Wheeler, longtime president and CEO of the Cellular Telecom and Internet Association, to head the Federal Communications Commission has produced predictable bursts of praise and criticism. Both sides make some…
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How to Pick an FCC Chair Who Gets It

The Huffington Post by: Preeti Vissa With outgoing FCC Chair Julius Genachowski’s next career move already announced, talk in Washington is that President Obama will be nominating his successor sooner rather than later. This is important to the future of…
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A "Separate But Equal" Internet?

Huff Post by:Preeti Vissa The phrase “knowledge is power” dates back to at least the seventeenth century, and it’s as true today as it was then. But today, technology has become the essential portal to information, and information technology has…
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