Energy addresses the electric and gas services upon which homes and businesses depend, seeking to ensure that low-income ratepayers are protected and that race, language or income are never barriers to these essential services.

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California Energy Policy and the American Dream

Let’s talk about upward mobility—the “American Dream,” if you will. As I understand it, the American Dream is the opportunity to attain prosperity—to live a life with dignity, not only free from the oppression of hunger, persecution, disease, and war,…
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Supplier Diversity is SEXY

  Today Greenlining released our annual Supplier Diversity Report Card, in which we grade California’s energy, telecom, cable, and water companies on how much of their goods and services they buy from businesses owned by people of color.  If this…
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Huge Boost for Diverse Businesses

This week the California Public Utilities Commission announced that in 2012, the companies under its watch spent $8.1 billion with businesses owned by people of color, women, and service-disabled veterans.  Verizon, in its California business, did a whopping 50.44% of…
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