Economic Equity

Economic Equity works to overcome the lingering effects of redlining, help communities of color build wealth, and ensure that our financial system works for all.

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Small Business Truth-in-Lending Bill Would Protect California’s Entrepreneurs of Color

California often acts as a trailblazer in national policy, and can earn that title yet again with SB 1235, authored by Sen. Steve Glazer (D-Orinda), the nation’s first small business truth-in-lending bill. Supported by The Greenlining Institute, SB 1235 would…
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Warning of the 2008 Financial Crisis – and Stopping a New Wave of Predatory Lending

It’s considered rude to say, “I told you so,” but as far as the 2008 financial crisis goes, we did. Now a new wave of financial deregulation could set up a rerun of the predatory lending boom that devastated communities…
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Consumers May Get a Dose of Bad Medicine Named Mick Mulvaney

With the recent news that Richard Cordray, President Obama’s holdover appointee director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is stepping down, consumer advocates nationwide are preparing for another disaster-of-the-week. To follow up on #45’s perfectly awful pairings of cabinet secretaries…
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