Supplier Diversity Report: Insurance Companies

In the most diverse state in America, the 10 largest insurers do shockingly little business with suppliers owned by people of color.  Insurers buy huge amounts of goods and services in California – over $23 billion in 2014 alone – but Greenlining’s analysis of data reported by the largest firms shows that they did barely over three percent of their contracting with businesses owned by people of color.

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  • arch360

    This is a great start. A follow-up might be a study of the Built Environment. One of the most dependable historic maps of almost every major city was undertaken by an insurance firm – Sanborn Fire Insurance. We still use those maps today. The Built Environment is not just construction and construction workers. For Planning, Urban Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Engineering and Construction; across these fields study needs to be take to clearly daylight supplier diversity. It’s time we take a full 360 view of the Built Environment and see clearly the economic supply-chain. Where are we fair contracting for professional services, consulting and construction? How many minority firms have opened, grown, and/or closed over time?