SACRAMENTO – Governor Edmund G. Brown introduced his 2014-2015 state budget proposal at a Capitol news conference this morning. The budget summary designates up to $200 million in proceeds from the state’s cap and trade auctions to advance the objectives of the Charge Ahead California campaign to put one million electric cars, trucks and buses on the road and make sure that every Californian enjoys the benefits of cleaner air and roads.

Statements from the Charge Ahead California steering committee follow:

Coalition for Clean Air:

“More Californians live near a highway or busy road than do the residents of any other state. So speeding the transition to cleaner cars, trucks and buses is a critical part of any strategy to reduce the impacts of pollution on people. Governor Brown did the right thing by making clean transportation a high priority in his budget.” – Bill Magavern, Policy Director

Communities for a Better Environment:

“Low-income neighborhoods and communities of color have suffered the worst health and economic consequences of the fossil fuel economy.  Although CBE does not believe Cap-and-Trade is an effective economic model to aggressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions in California, we support prioritizing the benefits of zero emission transportation to communities with the greatest needs.” – Bahram FazeliPolicy Director

Environment California:

“California has an opportunity to head off the worst impacts of climate change on local communities. What makes today’s announcement so important is that it means that the proven technology that can get us there will be accessible to tens of thousands more families and businesses. – Michelle Kinman, Clean Energy Advocate

 The Greenlining Institute:

“We’re glad to see resources going into clean transportation. This will help fill an urgent need in California’s communities of color – both for clean air and good jobs, since many of these vehicles are built right here. More Californians die from traffic-related pollution than traffic accidents, and that needs to change.” – Vien Truong, Environmental Equity Director

Natural Resources Defense Council:

“California is yet again on the cutting edge in bringing clean energy policies from the showroom to the freeway. We’re leading the nation in putting these vehicles in the hands of Californians who want to improve their air quality while enjoying mobility powered by clean fuel. Today’s commitment by the governor makes sure we don’t fall behind, and shows that you can step on the accelerator and clean the air at the same time.” – Roland Hwang, Transportation Program Director

Media Contacts

Bill Magavern, Coalition for Clean Air (916) 527-8051

Bahram Fazeli, Communities for a Better Environment (323) 826-9771 x100

Michelle Kinman, Environment California (310) 621-8935

Bruce Mirken, The Greenlining Institute (510) 926-4022

Jessica Lass, Natural Resources Defense Council 415-875-6143

Eric Jaffe, Resource Media (415) 397-5000 x311