2018 Summer Associates

The Next Generation of LeadersThe 2018 Greenlining Summer Associates (left to right): Curran Cross, Luciano Zuniga, Nkechi Okwu-Lawrence, Alonso Santos-Gonzalez, Paloma Hernandez, Alexa Diaz, Natalie Hernandez, Angel Lara, Jorge Rodriguez


Summer Associate Program

The Academy Summer Associate Program is an intensive, 10-week development program for emerging leaders. Associates learn about issues impacting California and the nation and manage research and advocacy projects under the direction of a Greenlining staff member.

The learning environment is based on combining experiential learning opportunities, individual development and team participation. Each Summer Associate experience is unique and is shaped by the current policy focus of their program area. Associates present their findings and projects in both a written and oral report at the end of the program.

It’s All About the People

Summer Associates participate in leadership skills workshops, attend meetings with key stakeholders, and conduct site visits to community, government, and corporate entities. Associates are exposed to community leaders, new issues, and new methods of advocacy. Associates receive regular mentorship, professional and personal skill development, and are given opportunities to interact with the media, write reports/press releases, testify at key policy hearings, and participate in key meetings with top government officials, corporate CEOs, and political leaders. To read more, click here.

Applying for the Summer Associate Program
Candidates for Summer Associate Program must submit a completed Academy application packet. Find out more information here.

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