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Our Vision

Thriving communities of color urgently need a generation of young people who are informed and engaged in addressing the most critical issues facing their communities. The Greenlining Academy works to empower and develop the next generation of multi-ethnic leaders to advance racial and economic equity and create positive social change. We seek to develop a network of visionary leaders ready to work across racial and ethnic lines to address America’s most pressing problems and develop sustainable solutions rooted in equity and justice.

The Challenge

People of color make up a majority of California’s population and will be the U.S. majority by 2044. However, as governments, businesses, and nonprofits continue to underinvest in leadership opportunities for historically marginalized communities, these institutions fail to reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. This leaves people of color without opportunities to lead and shape decisions that impact their communities.

Our Response

An Array of Racial Equity-Based Leadership Development Programs

We confront the economic redlining of leadership development and train and empower emerging leaders to reach their full potential.

  • Fellowship Programs – The Fellowship Programs consist of the Policy Fellowship and Legal Fellowship. The Fellowship Programs are year-long programs for young leaders who are seeking hands-on policy advocacy experience, leadership training, and personal and professional growth. We seek individuals who are committed to equity and justice for communities of color.
  • Summer Associate Program – The Summer Associate program is an intensive 10-week training program for young leaders who want to gain hands-on policy experience and invest in their personal and professional growth. Through leadership development and experiential learning, we seek to instill participants with the skills, confidence, and social networks to become effective advocates.
  • Casa Residency – Founded in 1970 by Chicano/Latino students, Casa is a multi-ethnic residential leadership program for students attending UC Berkeley, committed to fostering academic success and cross-racial understanding among participating students.
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