Energy Equity

Energy Equity addresses the electric and gas services upon which homes and businesses depend, seeking to ensure that low-income ratepayers are protected and that race, language or income are never barriers to these essential services.

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Letter to PG&E: Greenlining Opposes Prop 16

Until now the Greenlining Institute has stayed neutral in the debate on Proposition 16. However, we have conveyed that our position was neither static nor silent. To the contrary, we have communicated to numerous stakeholders in the Proposition 16 debate…
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Response of The Greenlining Institute regarding the Application of Pacific Gas and Electric Company for Approval of Statewide Marketing, Education and Outreach Program and Budget for 2013-2014. (U39M)

These comments are the response of The Greenlining Institute with regards to PG&E’s proposal for approval of statewide marketing, education, and outreach program and budget for 2013-2014. The comments can be found here. Response of The Greenlining Institute regarding the…
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