Economic Equity

Economic Equity works to overcome the lingering effects of redlining, help communities of color build wealth, and ensure that our financial system works for all.

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Warning of the 2008 Financial Crisis – and Stopping a New Wave of Predatory Lending

It’s considered rude to say, “I told you so,” but as far as the 2008 financial crisis goes, we did. Now a new wave of financial deregulation could set up a rerun of the predatory lending boom that devastated communities…
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Will Congress Spark a New Great Recession?

Newsday By Orson Aguilar Four years before the subprime mortgage meltdown devastated the U.S. economy, my organization warned Federal Reserve Board Chair Alan Greenspan that a deregulated financial sector was hurtling us toward disaster. The New York Times, in recounting this 2004…
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