To make equity real for communities of color, our policy teams produce a variety of reports and other materials based on in-depth research and analysis. We dig deep into the issues impacting communities of color, and provide testimony and comments to public agencies considering proposals that would impact our communities. Use the filters to find the type of information you’re looking for.


Bush’s Cabinet Diversity Should be the Model for the Banking Industry: Diversity at the Board of Directors of the Twenty Largest Banks

February 5, 2007 Diversity & Inclusion, Economic Equity

This is Greenlining’s third annual report on board of director diversity at major banks and reflects board of director diversity in 2006. Greenlining’s report addresses a key [...]


Left Behind: The Reality of African American Homeownership in California

March 5, 2006 Economic Equity

Only 39 percent of African Americans in California live in a home that they own, compared to nearly 50 percent for African Americans in the rest [...]


2005 Greenlining and Verizon Merger Agreement

November 23, 2005 Technology Equity

Fairness in Philanthropy Part II: Perspectives from the Field

November 6, 2005

This study looks at why foundation funding for minority-led nonprofits is so low and how the diversity practices and policies of foundations affect giving priorities. Findings [...]


Fairness in Philanthropy Part I: Foundation Giving to Minority-led Nonprofits

October 5, 2005 Diversity & Inclusion

This study analyzes the giving of the nation’s largest foundations to determine how equitably foundation dollars are allocated across the sector. Greenlining’s findings show that the [...]


Diversity Among Partners and Associates in 20 of California’s Largest Law Firms

September 22, 2005 Economic Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

2005 Supplier Diversity Report Card: AT&T No. 1

June 3, 2005 Technology Equity, Energy Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

For over 15 years, the Greenlining Institute has issued its Annual Report Card on Supplier Diversity relating to the largest utilities subject to California Public Utilities [...]


2003 Supplier Diversity Report Card

April 16, 2005 Technology Equity, Energy Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

For almost 15 years, the Greenlining Institute has issued its Report Card on supplier diversity relating to the nine largest utilities subject to CPUC scrutiny. Today, [...]


The Price of Credit: Prime & Subprime Lending in California 2004

August 25, 2004 Economic Equity

Based on our analysis, it is clear that California’s African American and Latino borrowers are more likely to receive a higher cost subprime loan than a [...]


Diversity Among Partners in 20 of California’s Largest Law Firms

March 5, 2004 Diversity & Inclusion, Economic Equity

Greenlining’s 2004 analysis of the diversity among the partners at 20 of California’s largest and most influential law firms, finding that many firms had a long [...]

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