To make equity real for communities of color, our policy teams produce a variety of reports and other materials based on in-depth research and analysis. We dig deep into the issues impacting communities of color, and provide testimony and comments to public agencies considering proposals that would impact our communities. Use the filters to find the type of information you’re looking for.


Solving the Medical Debt Crisis

March 30, 2021 Health Equity

Executive Summary Medical debt is the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States, with 62% of bankruptcies caused by medical bills. In 2016, one [...]


Clean Mobility Equity: A Playbook
Lessons from California’s Clean Transportation Programs

March 25, 2021 Environmental Equity

Executive Summary California is a world leader in climate change policy and programs-and a key cornerstone of the state’s strategy has been decarbonizing the transportation sector. [...]


Algorithmic Bias Explained: How Automated Decision-Making Becomes Automated Discrimination

February 18, 2021 Economic Equity, Technology Equity

Introduction Over the last decade, algorithms have replaced decision-makers at all levels of society. Judges, doctors and hiring managers are shifting their responsibilities onto powerful algorithms [...]


Investing In Climate Equity

January 14, 2021 Economic Equity, Energy Equity, Environmental Equity

Lesson and Opportunities for Increasing Green Bank Investments in Communities of Color By Irene Farnsworth & Rawan Elhalaby Racial and Economic Inequity is the Root of [...]


Building a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Cleantech Industry

December 14, 2020 Diversity & Inclusion, Environmental Equity

Introduction: The Greenlining Institute has advocated for racial and economic justice since our inception in the early 1990’s,1 and we believe that diversity, equity and inclusion [...]


2020 Bank Board Diversity

December 3, 2020 Economic Equity

Communities of color have historically been and continue to be excluded from powerful positions in government, corporations and financial institutions. For three decades, The Greenlining Institute [...]


Home Lending to Communities of Color in California

November 23, 2020 Diversity & Inclusion, Economic Equity

Home Lending to Communities of Color in California Owning a home is the primary way most Americans build wealth for their families, yet what is a [...]

Online Resources

Californians Deserve To Breathe Clean Air — Indoors and Out

October 14, 2020 Energy Equity

CALIFORNIANS DESERVE TO BREATHE CLEAN AIR – INDOORS AND OUT WE NEED HEALTHY, AFfordable, FOSSIL FUEL-FREE HOMES NOW! The Greenlining Institute | California Environmental Justice Alliance [...]


2020 Supplier Diversity Report Card

September 22, 2020 Technology Equity

Uneven Progress in Challenging Times America’s racial wealth gap was created by deliberate policy choices based on race, and solutions that don’t consider race and ethnicity [...]


The Greenlining Institute’s 2020 California Ballot Proposition Guide

September 16, 2020 Diversity & Inclusion

The upcoming general election will determine the course of California’s future and will likely be the most important election in our lifetimes. It’s clear that racial [...]

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