Navigating Covered California Background Check Requirements

Covered California, the new health care marketplace created by national health care reform, is working with nonprofits to hire Certified Enrollment Counselors who will help people obtain coverage. In order to ensure that the background check process for these positions doesn’t create needless barriers to employment for hard-working people who may have had a past brush with the criminal justice system, Greenlining and the National Employment Law Project created this manual to help applicants navigate this background check procedure. To read the report, click here.

Racial Equity Toolkit: Implementing Greenlining’s Racial Equity Framework

As policymakers at all levels of government, business and the nonprofit world cope with the challenges and opportunities of an increasingly diverse America, The Greenlining Institute has created a  tool to assist those working to develop fair and equitable policies. Greenlining’s Racial Equity Toolkit is a step-by-step thinking tool designed to help policymakers consider the needs of all communities.

2013 Supplier Diversity Report Card: California Breaks $8 Billion

Greenlining is a strong advocate for programs that encourage large companies to do business with minority small businesses. Greenlining monitors the CPUC’s supplier diversity program, governed by General Order 156, and issues an updated report every spring. To read the report, click here.

To read the program from our June 7th supplier diversity event, click here.

To download the Keynote presentation click here.

2012 Annual Report

We are excited to share with you our 2012 Annual Report.

2012 was a remarkable year for Greenlining and our constituents. For the first time in United States history, the majority of American babies born are non-white. It is projected that by approximately 2040, people of color will be half of the U.S. population. For the nation to prosper in 2040 and beyond, communities of color will have to prosper.

To read the report, click here.

Foundation Board Diversity: No Change in Diversity Since 2009

Greenlining believes that organized philanthropy has a responsibility to reflect the diversity of America. As the recent national election highlighted, the country has changed and will continue to change into the future. If communities of color can largely decide who our president will be, they should also be given a fair shot to participate in all aspects of philanthropy. Please read our latest analysis of the gender, racial, and ethnic makeup of the board of directors of the largest 48 foundations in the nation.

To read the report,  click here.