2009 Foundation Board Diversity Report

This report presents data on the diversity of the boards of directors of the 46 largest independent foundations in the United States.

We found that a while quarter of all board directors in the sample were African American, Latino, or Asian American, 28% of the sample did not have people of color on their boards at all.  Among people of color, Latinos are the most underrepresented on foundation boards, with only 8% of all board members of the sample foundations identifying as Latino.


2009 Supplier Diversity Report Card

Every year, the Greenlining Institute studies and releases a report on supplier diversity of the state’s largest utilities and telecom companies.  The report aims to highlight the successes and failures of these companies and to present recommendations on how diversity can continue to strengthen these industries. Greenlining’s 2009 Supplier Diversity Report focuses on the opportunities presented to California’s diverse communities by reforming energy policies and closing the digital divide.


2010 Supplier Diversity Report Card: Who’s Getting the Contracts?

The California Public Utilities Commissionʹs (CPUC) Supplier Diversity Program has developed into one of the most critical institutions for economic development and job creation in diverse communities across California. The CPUCʹs leadership has transformed the way the stateʹs largest utility and telecom companies contract with businesses owned by women, people of color, and disabled veterans. In turn, these diverse business enterprises are building wealth and employing people in their communities.

2011-2012 California Ballot Reform Panel Survey

This longitudinal survey was conducted to get a better sense of how Californians view the ballot initiative process. In wave one of our survey (conducted in June 2011), respondents were asked about their attitudes towards the ballot initiative process in California. In wave two (conducted in December 2011), respondents were asked more specifically about what types of reforms they would support.

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2012 Annual Report

We are excited to share with you our 2012 Annual Report.

2012 was a remarkable year for Greenlining and our constituents. For the first time in United States history, the majority of American babies born are non-white. It is projected that by approximately 2040, people of color will be half of the U.S. population. For the nation to prosper in 2040 and beyond, communities of color will have to prosper.

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