Blueprints for Equity. Building for Impact

The Greenlining Institute’s 2021 Annual Report reflects a year of steadfast progress on improving the well-being and resilience of communities of color while simultaneously building a long-term vision for a just future where race is never a barrier to health or wealth. 

Blueprints for Equity. Building for Impact.” tracks the first year of Greenlining’s new strategic plan. In it, we built on our legacy confronting racial injustice and further sharpened our purpose in this moment. The intersecting and compounding nature of the economic, climate, and racial inequities we face calls for us to stand firmly with courage to advance bold and tangible solutions. And we are doing just that. In 2021:

  • We successfully worked with our partners to negotiate billions of dollars in community benefit agreements directed to formerly redlined communities in response to an explosion of mergers and acquisitions in the banking sector.
  • Our playbook for advancing equitable community-driven climate solutions is being received as a model for national replication and deeper investment.
  • We remained vigilant in identifying and addressing the evolving nature of redlining and the way that technology can either exacerbate these discriminatory biases, or be a critical tool for change.

This work would not be possible without the invaluable partnership of our funders, donors and partners. Thanks to your tremendous support and trust, we are heading into our 30th year of  fighting for a better future in which communities of color thrive and race is no longer a barrier to opportunity.