Comments on VW Settlement’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Investment

The Greenlining Institute and its partners urged Electrify America, which is implementing VW’s $800M Zero Emission Vehicle investment under the Volkswagen Diesel Settlement, to prioritize benefits to low-income and disadvantaged communities. We also provided recommendations on how to ensure this investment creates the most benefits in communities impacted most by poverty and pollution.

Letter to Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Urging Diverse President

The Greenlining Institute, along with the California Reinvestment Coalition, Center for Popular Democracy, Chicanos Por La Causa, Community Council of Idaho, National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders, National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development, and TELACU, submitted a letter to urge the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank to prioritize naming a Latino, East Asian American or Pacific Islander as its next president.

Comments to the California Air Resources Board Regarding the VW Environmental Mitigation Trust

The Greenlining Institute filed public comment with the California Air Resources Board regarding staff’s recommendation for allocating the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust, part of the settlement for VW’s diesel emissions scandal. We recommend that the final Beneficiary Mitigation Plan leverage equitable economic development benefits and target 100% of light-duty Zero Emissions Vehicle infrastructure investments in low-income and disadvantaged communities.


Coalition Urges California Future Health Workforce Commission to Prioritize the Needs of Communities of Color

Greenlining and 16 coalition partners submitted public comments to the California Future Health Workforce Commission advocating for increased public education investment, stronger health career pathways for young people of color, employment of vulnerable populations such as immigrants and the re-entry population and increased public and private investment in health career pathways.

Letter to Gov. Brown Regarding Opportunity Zone Initiative and Anti-Displacement Measures

The Greenlining Institute and 16 coalition members sent a brief comment letter to California Governor Jerry Brown advocating for anti-displacement measures to be further embedded in the roll out of the new Opportunity Zone initiative, a new federal program meant to spur community development in distressed neighborhoods. The letter calls for a 30-day extension for public comments to allow for more robust and broad discussion of which places are designated for investment, and to bring into consideration unintended impacts that could increase gentrification and displacement pressures in emerging neighborhoods.

Coalition Opposes Nonprofit Hospitals’ Requests to Reduce Charity Care Obligations

A statewide coalition of five organizations, including The Greenlining Institute, sent a letter to the California Office of the Attorney General to express opposition to Verdugo Hills Hospital and Mission Community Hospital’s requests to reduce their charity care spending obligations. The proposed reductions would significantly decrease hospital spending designated for indigent and underserved patients. The coalition urged the rejection of all similar requests from nonprofit hospitals.

Comments to the California Wildlife Conservation Board on the Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program Guidelines

The Greenlining Institute filed public comment regarding the Draft Program Guidelines for the new Climate Adaptation and Resiliency Program. Greenlining recommends changes to ensure that the guidelines promote technical assistance, meaningful community engagement and equitable economic development.

Letter to the Treasury Department in Support of the Community Reinvestment Act

Greenlining and coalition partners submitted a letter in support of preserving and strengthening the CRA, in response to the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s review of this civil rights law passed by Congress in 1977 to address redlining. Under the CRA,banks are required to serve the credit needs of all communities, not just the wealthiest, and regulators are charged with ensuring that banks comply.

Greenlining’s letter provides research findings supporting the need for a strong CRA and recommendations to improve and strengthen the law by expanding it to non-banks and including a specific focus on racial inequities.

Coalition Opposes Request to Reduce Saint Agnes Medical Center’s Charity Care Obligation

A statewide coalition of 17 organizations, including The Greenlining Institute, sent a letter to the California Office of the Attorney General to express opposition to Saint Agnes Medical Center’s (SAMC) request to reduce the hospital’s charity care spending obligation. The proposed reduction would significantly decrease hospital spending designated for indigent and underserved patients.