Greenlining Joins Ella Baker Center to Support Alameda County Criminal Justice Reform

The Greenlining Institute submitted a letter to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors urging the County to eliminate adult fines and fees. Unjust criminal fines and fees exacerbate the lingering impacts of redlining policies by denying economic opportunities to individuals and communities of color, who are disproportionately harmed by this systemic injustice.

Coalition Urges Federal Reserve to Develop Transparent, Equitable and Democratic Selections Process

The Greenlining Institute endorsed a letter spearheaded by the Fed Up! Campaign calling for changes in how Federal Reserve Bank Presidents are chosen. In 2017, Raphael Bostic was named President of the Atlanta Fed, the first African American to serve at that level, and there has never been a Latinx Federal Reserve Regional Bank President. The makeup of Fed appointees is heavily skewed towards the financial industry, with nearly 80 percent of Directors coming from the business or banking sectors.

The Greenlining Institute joined with The Center for Popular Democracy’s Fed Up Coalition, Action NC, California Reinvestment Coalition, National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders, New York Communities for Change, PolicyLink and the Revolving Door Project to demand more transparency and meaningful public input in the critical process of selecting new leadership at the Fed and its Regional Banks.

Comments on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Trial Disclosure Program Proposal

The Greenlining Institute’s Economic Equity and Telecommunications teams submitted a comment letter in response to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Trial Disclosure Program proposal. Greenlining raised that critical safeguards to control for discrimination and adverse impact were missing from this trial program and that a lack of foresight to embed them could disproportionately harm consumers of color and others marginalized from financial markets. Greenlining raised the CFPB’s roll back of fair lending as an overarching concern for this trial program and the Bureau’s overall direction, and included questions and recommendations for the Bureau.

Greenlining Joins Tax Alliance for Economic Mobility in Condemning Unfair Tax Cuts

The Greenlining Institute joined a coalition of nearly a dozen organizations to criticize a proposed second round of GOP designed tax cuts heavily favoring the top 1% of households.  At a time of growing inequality, equitable tax reform is needed to yield a balanced and more productive economy rich with opportunity ladders.  Unfortunately, HR 6760 doubles down on the upside-down approach of President Trump’s first round of tax cuts, and would continue to explode the deficit while doing nothing to address the inequality that is dragging the American economy and closing off opportunities for most people in the United States.

Amicus Brief to Restore Net Neutrality

The Greenlining Institute, Common Cause, Center for Media Justice, Color of Change, 18 Million Rising, Media Alliance and Media Mobilizing Project filed an amicus brief urging the DC Court of Appeals to vacate the Federal Communications Commission’s unlawful repeal of net neutrality. The groups argued that the FCC’s net neutrality rules are critical for civic engagement, civil rights, and democracy, particularly for communities of color.

Public Comments on Dignity Health’s Proposed Merger with Catholic Health Initiatives

Greenlining’s Health Equity Director Anthony Galace delivered a public statement raising concerns about the merger’s impact on communities of color at a hearing hosted by the California Attorney General. He urged that all Dignity Health hospitals maintain their most recent charity care amounts at a minimum and stated that Dignity Health should increase its statewide community benefit spending by two percent annually for at least five years.

Letter Urges Governor Brown to Protect Homeowners by Signing SB 818

The Greenlining Institute urged California Governor Jerry Brown to sign Senate Bill 818 to ensure that Californians have a fair chance of keeping their homes when the going gets tough. The bill strengthens protections created by the 2012 California Homeowner’s Bill of Rights which required mortgage loan servicers to engage in timely, fair and transparent processes with struggling homeowners before proceeding to foreclosure.

Coalition Supports CA Resolution for Strong, Independent CFPB

A coalition of 24 organizations wrote to California Assemblywoman Monique Limón applauding her resolution expressing the state’s support for a strong and independent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Assembly Joint Resolution 48 urges the President and Congress to maintain the integrity of the CFPB to carry out its duties to protect and defend consumers from predatory practices and abuses in the financial sector.

Comments to the Strategic Growth Council on Transformative Climate Communities Draft Guidelines

The Greenlining Institute filed public comments with the Strategic Growth Council regarding the Transformative Climate Communities FY 2018-2019 Draft Guidelines. We recommend changes to reduce the barriers for communities to be eligible for funding and offer comments around workforce and economic development and climate adaptation and resiliency.