Communities of color agree … NO on Prop 16! It is the right decision to protect our democracy, create clean energy jobs and protect our environment for future generations. To watch NO on Prop 16 video click here

Protect Our Right To Choose Clean Energy: Vote NO on Prop 16
On May 4th, Greenlining wrote a letter to PG&E President and CEO Peter Darbee opposing Proposition 16.  Prop 16, cleverly called the “Taxpayer’s Right to Vote Act” by PG&Ethe ballot proposition’s sponsor and sole funder – is up for election on June 8th.  To read our letter to PG&E click here

What Would Prop 16 Do?

Prop 16 would rewrite California’s constitution to create a new two-thirds super-majority requirement before local governments could expand or create a public power agency, or establish a Community Choice Energy program.

The budget gridlock that results from a 2/3 voting requirement in Sacramento teaches us just how difficult it can be to pass a 2/3 vote.

The Facts About Prop 16

  • Kills competition for cheaper and cleaner energy by amending California’s state constitution.
  • Prevents consumer choice for local green jobs, clean air, and local investments in renewable energy.
  • PG&E has spent $34.5 million of ratepayers’ money to pass Proposition 16 in an attempt to rewrite the constitution for the benefit of one company: PG&E.
  • Prop 16 would NOT reduce energy rates. PG&E’s rates have gone up 60% in the last 9 years.
  • While low-income and unemployed Californians struggle to pay their utility bills, PG&E is now asking for $4.2 billion more in rate hikes over the next three years.
  • Regulators have told PG&E that the company is violating state law with its “misleading” advertising and that “PG&E must refrain from sending any mailers of this nature in the future.” To read what regulators are saying click here

The Alternative: Community Choice Energy

Community Choice Energy programs can provide numerous economic and environmental benefits for low-income and minority communities in California including:

  • Generate thousands of new, local clean energy green jobs.
  • Fight global warming by investing in local renewable energy and do it cheaper to save taxpayers money on energy bills.
  • Empower communities to lower their energy bills.

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